Tuning Fork – Sound Healing

Tuning Fork Therapy – Sound Healing

My ‘Healing Tuning Forks’ are my latest and most welcome addition to my work and therapies. I now work with ten different sets. The forks I use during a treatment are chosen specifically to meet the needs of the clients at the time of the session. They’ve had a tremendous impact on my clients mental, physical, energetic and spiritual health and wellbeing. They are versatile, beautiful and potent.

All of my sets of ‘Healing Tuning Forks’ were created and developed by the late Alan Sales who was a pioneer within the field of complementary medicine, well recognised for his achievements. He specialised in the research of advanced Kinesiology muscle testing techniques, winning awards for his contributions to the growth and development of Kinesiology.

What are Tuning forks?

Tuning forks are 2 pronged forks which are used to not only tune musical instruments but to tune the body using sound and vibration.

Tuning fork therapy makes use of vibrational frequency that increases energy flow in the body, which improves circulation and removes blocked energy in the body. Just like magic!

Tuning forks, using sound and their frequencies can be used for relaxation, healing and personal and spiritual development.

What effect do they have?

Tuning Forks have an instant and deeply relaxing effect on the body. They help calm and focus the mind, balance the central nervous system and enhance the body’s own self-healing processes.

How does sound therapy work?

‘Sound helps regulate many biological processes at all levels of the body, stimulating many global responses. At a cellular level it can help promote a reorganisation or re patterning of chemical responses. Sound waves pass easily and rapidly through the body’s own pathways – the connective tissue and the energy (acupuncture) meridians – accessing all systems in the body simultaneously. Sound harnesses the body’s natural resonant capacity, and is an ideal tool for creating movement, releasing blockages and restoring balance within the system’. Alan Sales

What does a treatment consist of?

A treatment can consist of more than one set of tuning forks, depending on the needs of the client.

You will be asked to lay on my treatment couch and you will be taken through a short relaxation meditation using a colour technique. The purpose of this is to relax you and to clear a pathway for the forks to do their work.

The forks are moved around the body and also the cranial area. The pure tones enter the body both via the hearing and the cranial bones. As the sound waves pass through the body, the client may experience a number of different reactions including – calmness, waves of relaxation, colours, imagery, warmth, tingling sensations, pain reduction and elevation.

PRICE: 1 hour session – £45