When I first met Kimberley for my Time To Heal Hypnosis session, she put immediately at ease and she made me feel so comfortable. We had a consultation first and then Kimberley explained how the process would work and what to expect. Kimberley has such a beautiful voice and is so caring and dedicated to her work. My hypnosis session allowed me explore past lives and to begin to connect the dots. I was able to see how these past lives had been playing out in my current lifetime and the effect a number of entities which she removed had also been affecting me. I would highly recommend Kimberley

I had such a positive experience with Kimberley when I went to see her for QHHT.

Kimberley’s approach was open, attentive and welcoming, enabling me to feel at ease immediately.
Kimberley guided me through an incredible Past Life Regression which helped me to understand the connection that I had to some current problems that I was experiencing in my life and why they kept re-occurring.
This experience was invaluable in helping me to move forward positively.
During my session with Kimberley, she guided me towards creating a deeper and more conscious connection to my intuitive senses, something that I continue to reap the rewards from on a daily basis.
Reconnecting to myself in this very conscious way is helping me to live a life that is led by a deeper sense of trust in my intuition and, is ultimately more aligned with what feels right for me.
Thank you so very much Kimberley for your incredible sessions. I can’t recommend you enough.
Your QHHT is absolutely fantastic! – Lisa – Lincoln

Reflexology sessions with Kimberley should be available on the NHS – anti-depressants, sleeping pills and HRT would never need to be prescribed again!! – Lynne – Lincoln

My Celestial Experience with Kimberley was an amazing experience. Her treatment room is attractive, calming and smells wonderful too. I particularly liked the way Kimberley showed an interest in me and my well-being by tailoring the session to my needs. Thank you Kimberley, I felt very relaxed and pampered, just perfect and I fully recommend to others. P.S. My treatment was a birthday gift – what a great idea to give to someone special’. Susan – Lincoln

I just wanted to say thank you for my wonderful ‘Celestial Experience’. I felt relaxed as soon as I laid on the treatment bed, the ambiance of the room was  wonderful, perfect. Your technique and products are both excellent. Unfortunately, I can’t remember too much of the facial reflexology because I totally zoned out in incredibly deep relaxation, but what I do remember felt so good! I came around when the face mask was applied as it felt cool on my skin, so then I had the pleasure of experiencing my feet being treated to a bit of reflexology – divine! My skin looked great straight after the treatment which I was surprised, I thought I might look greasy, but I didn’t. It’s been 2 days since my treatment and my skin still looks smoother than before, it is still so soft too. Thank you so much, I highly recommend and will be coming back for more it was incredible. – Debs – Lincoln

I felt totally at ease with Kimberley. Wonderfully relaxing treatment. Took me to that place of thought clarity between wakefulness and sleep. I was reminded what true relaxation felt like and went on to have a really good nights sleep.  Jan – Sheffield

I love coming to see Kimberley. She’s a truly lovely lady and someone I feel instantly comfortable with. Her treatments are second to none and I would highly recommend her. Chris – Lincoln

Visiting Kimberley regularly really helps me to relax and escape from the everyday stresses that come with being a working mother with a busy family life. I come away feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and thoroughly relaxed. Whenever I have had ailments that needed attention, she has always ensured to pay special attention to that area and it truly helps. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kimberley and her services. Holly – Lincoln

I was slightly apprehensive about the treatment due to my complex health issues. However, I cannot recommend this treatment enough. Kim’s calm and friendly persona enables you to feel relaxed instantly. After just one session my liver function levels returned to within the normal range. There was also significant improvement in my circulation and energy levels. I achieved considerable improvements within a few sessions that specialists and medication was unable to do. Victoria – Lincoln

I have had 10 sessions with Kimberley. At the start of my course we discussed my wellbeing and health concerns. One of my main issues was insomnia. I now have no problems sleeping. I was very impressed that Kim could determine if I had an aching neck or congestion, I purposely didn’t alert her to these symptoms. Explanations at the end of my treatment were helpful, informative and interesting. Kimberley is highly recommended by me. Alison – Lincoln 

When I first met Kimberley I didn’t know what to expect as I had never had reflexology before. I was very taken by her calming nature and she made me feel relaxed as soon as I spoke to her. Her approach to her work and the treatment themselves are what I can only describe as heavenly. They have a positive effect on me and afterwards I feel light, lifted and cleansed. Kim also gives me an overview of what she feels from my feet and she gives me advice on my health, diet, lifestyle and how to overcome the stress in my life. Kimberley listens carefully to me with great consideration to my feelings and I have already recommended her to my family and friends. What a beautiful enchanting lady, just right for the profession. Can’t wait for my next treatment. Dawn – Lincoln